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Auger Crane
SOOSAN CSM Auger Crane has the ability to dig up to
21m in depth, which is essential for engineering
work or electrical pole maintenance.
This crane has a strong lifting capacity
and stable outrigger system.

It has been recognized as the best unit
in the Korean market and has been
exported all over the world.
Model Max. Lifting Capacity Max. Working Radius Max. Working Height Hyd. Motor Torque Max. Hole Depth
SA-040C 4,000kgf × 4m 12.8m 14.7m 827kgf.m 4.5m
SA-150C 10,000kgf × 3.5m 17.34m 19.48m 2,200kgf.m 15m

※ Above mentioned specification can be changed without notice for quality improvement.