Hydraulic Rock Drill

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Top-Hammer Drill Rigs
The SOOSAN CSM Hydraulic Rock Drill
Mechanical Structure is Simple to
Operate and Easy to Maintain.

With its powerful Drifter, it can raise
productivity and effciency.
Improving Productivity
  • Main Specification image

    Powerful Hydraulic Drifter- JET Drifter
    (JET-8 / JET-9 / JET-11)
    - Yamamoto Drifter
    (YH-70 / YH-80 / YH-135)

  • Main Specification image

    Water-Cooled Engine

  • Main Specification image

    Auto Rod-Changer

  • Main Specification image

    Powerful Driving- Travelling Speed 3.8km/h
    - Outstanding Gradeablility(30”)
    - Track oscillation